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Science Kits & Toys    Robot Kits    The Beginner Series of Robots
These kits inspire first level insights (ages 10 and up) into electronic and scientific principles, and do not require soldering. Batteries indicated for each kit are not included.

Binary Player Robot Binary Player Robot
BINARY PLAYER ROBOT is very “predictable”, two-wheeled robot. An internal program stored on a memory disk created by the user ascertains its predictability. Therein, however, lies the fun. Binary Player Robot is easily re-programmable by the controller... you.

Binary Player Robot is controlled by black and white patterns on a disk, which are read by an infrared sensor. Particular patterns activate either of two wheels to turn left, right, forward, or pause. These on/off commands illustrate the basic principles of binary coding. To change a movement program, the operator simply creates a new disk pattern. Set your course and explore the fascinating world of Binary Player Robot! Recommended for Age 12+
Item #BR09875

Price:  $37.95

Weasel Weasel
Weasel is a tenacious little robot warrior that embodies two sensors that allow it to “see” a line or “feel” its way along walls and around corners. The two motors and contact sensor activate the wall sensing micro switch to control the motors’ on/off operation that determines the path of a wall. It is the classic robot design using the "Left Hand Rule" to escape mazes. With OWI’s continued pursuit in making robots "smart", they have added an additional feature to this little bundle of energy... a sonic tracking system. Underneath Weasel’s sturdy plastic base, you will discover photo- transistors that enable it to detect and follow a black line. Wow! Weasel still has more features! Want... speed? Well, its three-speed gearbox will help navigate at the velocity you determine. Recommended for Age 10+
Item #BR09910

Price:  $32.95

Sumo Robot Sumo Robot
This super warrior, Sumo Robot, can be controlled to assail and overpower its opponent or retreat to prepare for battle. An infrared sensor beam is emitted when detecting an opponent. Upon detection, it instructs the brain of the Sumo to "charge", thereby creating a bona fide wrestling match! You can be the referee (also called gyoji) and decide who the grand champion (also called yokozuna) will be. Buy two and let the Sumo Robot wrestling match begin! Specifications: Movement: 2 tractor style wheels powered by 1 - DC motor. Control: infrared sensor/detectable range: approx. 350 mm (max). Power Source: 4-"AA" batteries. Size 130 x 137 x 120 mm. Timer range: 0.5 - 7.0 seconds. Battery life: approx 120 minutes of continuous operation. Recommended for Age 10+ 
Item #BR19647

Price:  $59.95

Hyper Peppy Hyper Peppy
Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining robot kit. The Hyper Peppy is an intelligent robot with a touch/sound sensor. If it comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise (such as hands clapping), the Hyper Peppy automatically reverses, then turns left before embarking on a new course. This robot kit is lots of fun from the moment is arrives. Requiring only basic hand tools for assembly. Included is a complete step-by-step instruction booklet, pre-assembled printed circuit board, condenser microphone, and an easy-to-assemble mechanical drive system. It's an ideal gift for the hobbyist or budding scientist. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included. 
Item #BR00969

Price:  $37.95

4 in 1 Robot 4 in 1 Robot
As its name indicates, 4 in 1 Robot Kit features 4 different methods of movement: Traversing - hand over hand (Orangutan mode), 2 legged walking (Gorilla mode), 4 legged walking (Centaur mode) and 6 legged walking (Spider mode). Discover the dynamics of animal locomotion. What are the benefits or disadvantages of two or four or six-legged propulsion? Make a connection and differentiate the physical characteristics of stability verses mobility. Simple engineering and basic industrial design are accomplished in its self-stabilizing computations. Enough technical jargon, 4 in 1 Robot will be your friend the moment it arrives.

This battery-controlled kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion. It features a pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware, and mechanical drive system that can be handled by almost anyone from age 10 and up. Only basic hand tools are required for assembly. A condenser microphone and printed circuit board controls your multi-function friend. 
Item #BR09874

Price:  $38.95


Salt Water Fueled Cell Car Salt Water Fueled Cell Car
Powered by just saltwater, the Salt water Fuel Cell Car gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy, while building and powering their very own toy. Just add salt water and go! Ideal for kids 6 and up. Saltwater not included. 
Item #BR00750

Price:  $16.95

Solar Battery Solar Battery
Safe. Simple-to-use encapsulated mini-panel of solar cells. Sturdy panel will endure handling without the breakage and cell damage traditionally associated with solar cells. Create various experiments by exposing and positioning the panel at the energy source. Dimensions: 5"x2-1/2". Current: 400mA. Voltage: 1.7 . Compatible with the Turbo 2000 and Knight Invader. It also can be used for your own projects.
Item #BR00608 

Price:  $24.95

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