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The Beginner Series of Robots

The Beginner Series of Robots
These kits inspire first level insights (ages 10 and up) into electronic and scientific principles, and do not require soldering.

These are intermediate and advanced kits. The advanced kits require soldering. Soldering tools (if required) and batteries indicated for each kit are not included.

Robotic Arm Edge Robotic Arm Edge
With the Robotic Arm Edge, command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120 degrees, and extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, and lifting capacity of 100g. WOW !! Some of the added features of this robot kit include a search light design on the gripper and a safety gear audible indicator is included on all 5 gear boxes to prevent any potential injury or gear breakage during operation. How does this equate to fun? Total command and visual manipulation using the 5s: five switch wired controller, five motors, and five joints. Night time play is possible and extended life on the gearbox to prolong your control and predictions of the robot's behavior. This fully assembled science kit's dimensions are 9in x 6.3in x 15in. Recommended for kids 10 years and up. 
Item #BR00535

Price:  $53.95

Amphibious Solar Vehicle Amphibious Solar Vehicle
It's street tough, water ready and solar powered. It would be difficult to find a beginner robotic kit more fun, hands-on and educational than the Amphibious Solar Vehicle (ASV). This science kit teaches solar power fundamentals through hands-on experiments. The sun or any intense mobile light can power its solar battery and a multiple function switch (solar or battery) allows energization day or night...indoors or outdoors. The ASV's scientifically structured catamaran design reduces water resistance and the possibility of capsizing. The user can explore various types of energy and energy conversion with the environmentally adaptable ASV. Enter the world of alternative energy by learning about solar battery composition and characteristics as well as the pros and cons of solar power. Discover the multiple worlds of this multi-tasker! Styrofoam body size 166 x 79 x 240 mm. Recommended for Age 14+  
Item #BR00688

Price:  $46.50


Moon Walker II Moon Walker II
Not one, but two...light and sound! Moon Walker II has combined the technology of two sensors. A whimsical indication of future trends, Moon Walker II begins to walk when it detects a change in light intensity or sound, and continues its four-legged voyage until instructed by an internal timer to stop. Power Source: 1-"AA" battery. Size H130 x Diameter 100 mm. No Soldering Required. Recommended for Age 14+ 
No Soldering Required. Item #BR00979

Price:  $46.95


Sound Reversing Car Sound Reversing Car
The Sound Reversing Car is a voice control robot car by using microphone as its detector. It moves forward normally unless the microphone detects a signal like a clap or physical contact. When the microphone detects a noise it will turn back and left for a few seconds then it will keep forward moving again until the next signal(s) are received by the microphone. Power Source: 2-"AA" batteries. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Soldering required. Recommended for Age 14+ 
Soldering required. Item #AK01881

Price:  $20.95


Line Tracking Mouse Line Tracking Mouse
How magical! The Line Tracking Mouse will track a black line using a photo interrupter for its eyes. How funny! Create a twising and turning road layout yourself with black tape on a white background. See how it tracks the black line to find the target. This educational robot is sound activated and uses 3 photo interrupters to detect a black line. Two sets of unassembled gear motors is included. Power Source: 4-"AA" batteries. Recommended for Age 14+. Soldering required. 
Soldering required. Item #AK01880

Price:  $36.95

2-in-1 Gearbox 2-in-1 Gearbox
Enjoy a wonderful DIY-World in assembling this 2-in-1 Gearbox. This gear kit includes a motor, gearbox, 2 sets of gears, metal shafts, and other necessary parts. Use 2 different gear ratio settings and you will have a different speed. Great for kids 12 and up.  
Item #AK21130

Price:  $9.95

Learn to Solder Kit with Soldering Iron and Wire Cutters Learn to Solder Kit with Soldering Iron and Wire Cutters
Working with printed circuit boards is in the future of every electronic technician. Almost every electronic device today has a printed circuit board and whether you are assembling a PC board or repairing it, you must understand the basics of working with these boards.

Good soldering requires practice and an understanding of soldering principles. This solder practice project will help you achieve good soldering techniques, help you become familiar with a variety of electronic components, and provide you with dynamic results. Requires one (1) 9V battery. 
Item #AK00100

Price:  $16.95

Robot Rink Robot Rink
The Robot Rink is an exciting way to "celebrate" and demonstrate students' robot construction. The individual or multiple robotics interaction arena is light weight, tough, and classroom tested. Made of a durable, high-density styrene plastic construction. This robot rink measures 44-inches in diameter, 3-inches high, and will collapse into a compact 8-inch diameter coil for easy storage. The smart-lock joint resists separation, but also allows for multiple rinks to be attached for a mondo robot plaza. It's perfect for robot experimentation at home, school, museums, and summer camp environments. The mini-instructions will provide suggestions for robot applications, such as single or multiple crash-action robots, tracks inside or outside the Robot Rink, great for avoiding type robots, containment of project5iles, and how about a robot soccer game. Easy to assemble and fun to play. Great for kids 9 and up. Robots not included. 
Item #BR07465

Price:  $16.95


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