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Hydro Lab Hydro Lab
This is a complete greenhouse system for cultivating plants and vegetables in an "indoor" environment, using a modern Hydroponics system. This science kit comes with a base, adjustable translucent observation cover, 4 growing trays, fertilizer tank, child safe chemicals, and bedding for propagating the growth of planets. No soil required. Ideal for children ages 8 and up. 
Item #TK08740

Price:  $39.95

Weather Station Weather Station
Contains 31 fascinating activities that are all about weather and climate. Build your own barometer, weather vane, rain gauge, and hydrometer. Observe the weather traits and see how they'll affect tomorrow's weather. Make a rainbow, make snow flakes, produce clouds, lightning, rain, and even a thunderstorm! Perfect for children ages 8 and up. 
Item #TK07074

Price:  $23.95

Power Tech Physics Power Tech Physics
Have no fear with physics! Understand nature's basic laws with electricity, magnetism, heat, gases, force and pressure. Perform over 250 captivating experiments, which will introduce you to this fascinating field of physics! Experiment with electricity, magnetism, motors, gases and liquids, heat, sound, force, pressures, and motion. Perfect for kids ages 10 and up. 
Item #TK08200

Price:  $34.95


Volcano Volcano
Build exceptionally realistic volcano eruptions with both light and sound effects! Get in touch with nature at its most powerful and awesome power. Trace the development of volcanoes and produce different types of eruptions. Other activities include how to make a fire extinguisher, a lava light, chocolate lava and so much more. Requires 2-"AA" batteries, not included. Ideal for kids ages 10 and up.  
Item #TK00011

Price:  $29.95


Detectolab Detectolab
Become a private detective using the very latest scientific detecting methods of investigating, analyzing, deciphering to solve crimes! Great starter kit for those interested in FORENSIC SCIENCE, CRIMINAL SCIENCE INVESTIGATIONS and learning about private detectives. Over 65 activities from fingerprints, secret messages, chromatograpnhy, cipher codes, identity detection and more. This science kit includes a 30X microscope and necessary lab equipment to help you become a private detective. Ideal for children ages 8 and up. 
Item #TK07080

Price:  $23.95


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